Fall Adventures

It’s crazy to believe that September is already here! With last week being the first week of classes, Senior year has started off in a whirlwind. This semester is filled with a lot of exciting opportunities such as being a Resident Assistant and a New Student and Family Programs Intern. But one of my favorite things about Senior year so far has been the exciting adventures I’ve been on with my friends and family.

This past weekend Kev got to come up and spend a Gator game day with me! We’ve been to a lot of game days together; we’ve been going with family to games ever since we were kids. But this was one of my favorites because Kev and I spent the day tailgating, attending the Gator Walk, getting ice, cold lemonade and watching a 65-0 win.

A hot day in the Swamp before an ice, cold lemonade made someone a little grumpy.
A hot day in the Swamp before an ice, cold lemonade made someone a little grumpy.

This Fall I want to take advantage of all the amazing adventures Gainesville has to offer. I’ve recruited the help of my dear friend Maxwell to help me accomplish some of my bucket list items. One item that we did today was walk the La Chua trail in the Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park. Maxwell has an adventurous spirit that’s infectious – when you’re around him, you can’t help but want to do something daring.

IMG_1667            IMG_1674

From seeing alligators and ducks to beautiful yellow water lilies, the trail fulfilled all of our hopes. And although we didn’t run into an alligator on the trail, Max and I devised a survival plan – he was going to be the one to face the gator head on (thanks Max!).

Whether it’s spending my weekends in the Swamp or exploring Gainesville, I know this Fall is going to be unforgettable!