Micanopy Day Trip


There’s just something about visiting a small town – one where it seems that everyone knows your name; and if they don’t, they’ll know it by the end of the day. That’s what my best friend, Katelyn, and I encountered when we visited Micanopy, Fla. this past Sunday.

IMG_1770                                                          IMG_1775

It was a beautiful morning as Kate and I strolled through the town’s Main Street located on Cholokka Boulevard. It felt as if Kate and I had been transported back in time to a place where you felt disconnected to modern annoyances like cellphones and wi-fi.

As one of Florida’s oldest inland towns, Micanopy has an Old Florida charm where you can’t help but feel carefree and happy. Katelyn and I found the best finds in The Dakota Mercantile Gracious Living Store. Such a unique store filled with southern chic and authentic goods. Of course I couldn’t walk out the door empty handed; I walked away with a beautiful pearl necklace and stationary.

In addition to the Dakota Mercantile, we also went into a store simply called The Shop. The Shop was decked floor to ceiling with every single type of holiday decoration. After finding some decoration-inspiration, I’m so excited to start decorating for Fall. A girl’s day with my best friend was the perfect way to end the weekend.

IMG_1773                                                                          IMG_1772