Hometown Surpises

Kilted Mermaid

Last week Kev and I got to make my mom’s birthday by heading home on a surprise trip. My momma absolutely loves to have all of us together for celebrations and it’s been hard for her to have the kids away from home.

With help from dad, we were able to sneak in on her taking down the Christmas decorations (we keep the tree up through the New Year for good luck). While dad kept mom occupied with dinner, Kev and I made the trek home to Fort Pierce. Mom actually cried when she saw Kev and I sneaking up the stairs to surprise her.

Saturday was spent unearthing hidden treasures in the area as well as indulging in our favorite activities. One adventure we absolutely love going to is the Downtown Farmers Market located right near the Fort Pierce Marina. I love it because we can sample delicious, homegrown food and look at the amazing homemade crafts. A lot of my inspiration for DIY projects come from these wonderful innovators. Of course, it’s always great to buy local as well!

Downtown Farmer's Market

We followed the farmers market with a trip to the Rock City Gardens located in Vero. I have never been to the gardens before, but my parents absolutely love it. One of my favorite things about the south is the attention to detail when it comes to gardens. Whether they are big or small, southerners just have this way of creating gorgeous gardens that really reflects their personality.

Rock City Gardens        Rock City Gardens        Rock City Gardens

The gardens have a collection of both garden “accessories” and beautiful plants. While we were at the gardens, I was able to snap some great pictures of mom, dad and Kev enjoying their time together.

Mom and Dad at Rock City Gardens  Rock City Gardens

I must have inherited the green thumb from my Gammy because I absolutely love flowers and gardening. The Marguerite Daisies (picture below on the left) are headed to Gammy’s garden. It’s just such an amazing feeling to work with the earth and create a beautiful landscape. It’s been hard in college to have a garden, but I always keep a vase of fresh-cut flowers in my room!

Rock City Gardens     Rock City Gardens  Rock City Gardens

We ended the weekend with a trip to the Kilted Mermaid to celebrate mom’s birthday with family and friends. We love the Kilted Mermaid for their live music, delicious food and wonderful bar. From carrying home-brewed drinks to creating scrumptious fondue dishes, I just love the feel that the Kilted Mermaid has. And the decorum of mermaids is always a fun, eclectic touch!

Kilted Mermaid Celebration     Kilted Mermaid Celebration

The Fort Pierce and Vero Beach areas have such great adventures just waiting to be explored! That’s my favorite part of being from a small town!