Flowers – A Forgotten Beauty

Birthday Flowers

I was having a conversation the other day with my Katelyn about how fresh-cut flowers have become a forgotten beauty. In the age where “faster is better,” we sometimes forget the simple things in life. While it may be easier to have a vase of fake flowers in your home, it also takes away from the natural beauty of flowers. In my opinion, flowers are a true expression of beauty.

Flower arrangement                           Flowers; Gardens; Southern

Every time I enter a local nursery or Trader Joe’s, I can’t help but want to buy all of the flowers. And I can’t understand why others don’t want to as well. There’s a certain beauty in how a vase of flowers can brighten even the gloomiest of rooms.

For as long as I can remember, my Gammy has always had fresh flowers in her kitchen. Whether they came from her garden or from a local nursery, her kitchen was always brightened with an assortment of snapdragons, daisies, and peonies alike.

Gammy and her grandkids around the flower-cart we built her.
Gammy and her grandkids around the flower-cart we built her

She once told me how she used to buy flowers for herself every week from the local nursery. When she met my Pappy and he found out she bought her own flowers, he couldn’t believe it (he wanted to be the one to buy her flowers). Her response was that buying or receiving flowers brings a certain joy to life – it doesn’t matter how it came to be, just that it happened.

I must have inherited that love for flowers because I love the feeling of going and choosing the perfect fresh-cut flowers. Of course I tend to lean more towards the pink and snapdragons (my favorites), but I also love mixing up my usual flowers with hydrangeas and peonies.


And of course, I absolutely love receiving flowers – they ‘re the perfect gift for any occasion. Last week I received a beautiful arrangement for my birthday from my family. And then my sweet friend made a DIY vase with another beautiful arrangement of flowers. Needless to say that my room is now in full bloom!

DIY flower vase