Apartment Hunting Tips

Of course I had to capture the moment of signing our first lease!
Of course I had to capture the moment of signing our first lease!

For the first time in my college career, I will be leaving a residence hall to live in an apartment. I’m nervous, happy and excited – I feel like an actual adult. It’s weird to think that I will no longer be a 5-minute walk away from my classes. I won’t be able to roll out of bed like I’ve usually done when I’m running late. But I’m excited for the sense of independence and excitement that comes with living in an apartment.

During our apartment hunt, Kev and I had a checklist of must-haves that we wanted in our new home. And yes, my brother and I are going to be roommates. We figured if we could manage to live together for the past 20 something years, then we should be able to survive a few more. Plus, I’m super excited for the family dinners we’ll be cooking!

The following is a helpful list we compiled while apartment hunting:

  1. Location – Is the area far or close to campus?
  2. Parking – Is it paid or free? Are there enough spaces available?
  3. Price – Is it in our price range?
  4. Utilities – Are utilities included in the price or separate?
  5. Lease – How long is the lease for? When is move-in/move-out?
  6. Furnished – Are we shopping at Ikea or are we good to go?
  7. Bus Routes – How else are we going to get there?
  8. Size – Will Kev & I annoy each other or is there enough space?
  9. Amenities – Is there a 24/hour gym, pool, basketball courts, clubhouse?
  10. Can I paint the walls? Because I have the cutest Pinterest inspired room I’m ready to decorate.

Okay, so that last tip was mainly for me, but you get the point. These are some important factors to consider when Apartment Hunting. We also used a couple of Pinterest finds to help with the search as well.

Once we narrowed down our choices, Kev and I looked at apartment reviews online. Although this may seem helpful, it’s always good to take reviews with a grain of salt. A lot of the times you only see the negative reviews instead of positive, and they can start to outweigh the positive.

Now that the lease is signed, and we know where we’re living – the next step is decorating. Pinterest followers, be prepared for an abundance of apartment decorating pins!