Haile Village Farmers Market

Haile Farmers Market

Although Kev and I have been in Gainesville for a couple of years now, we have never been to one of Gainesville’s farmers markets. This is a real shame too because we love our farmers market back home. I also love supporting local farmers and business owners, so this is the best way for me to #BuyLocal.

Haile Village Center                     Haile Village Center

Today we decided to head on over and check out the Haile Farmers Market, which is located in the Haile Village Center. The market had a number of vendors selling fresh produce, baked goods and other delicious treats!

Shopping in the Center

The first thing we immediately loved about the Haile Village Center was the amount of parking available, which is important when we’re lugging all of our finds everywhere. The second thing I loved was finding a vendor who sold homemade chocolate. I obviously couldn’t leave without buying a milk and white chocolate covered marshmallow stick … and an oreo cupcake from Patticakes.

Chocolate goods                       

We also passed by a vendor that was selling fresh tomatoes – one bushel for $4 and slightly bruised tomatoes for $.25! It would have been a crime to pass by without buying some from the local farmer.


I also love honey – my favorite being the orange blossom (hence the blog’s name). The Cross Creek Honey Company was selling their different kinds of honey and had samples available. I like buying the sample jars of honey because I can try different kinds that way. I tried the Palmetto and Florida Everglades variety that they had. I took home the Florida Everglades one because it had a molasses texture and flavor to it.

Honey Selections                          Florida Everglades Honey

Within the center there was a number of stores and restaurants open for business this morning. The Village Jeweler was having a storewide sale, which I obviously I had to stop and look through.

The Village Jeweler

I think one of my favorite parts of the morning was being reunited with my sweet Hanny, and spending the morning with my friend Jami. And I think Kev’s favorite part was finding the puppy adoption stand!

IMG_4135 IMG_4139