Fall Memories

Fallin leaves

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; I love fall. To me, it’s one of those perfect seasons that I look forward to year-round, and one that I hate to see end. There’s just something about the smell of cinnamon and the briskness of the air that takes me back to playing in leaves at the cabin in Murphy, NC.

SCAN0050                        SCAN0051

It’s a certain smell that the leaves have when they’ve just fallen and are becoming crisp. It’s unbelievable earthy and one I wish I could bottle up for the entire year. Whenever I get a whiff, I immediately see Kev and myself in a pile of leaves that Gammy and Pappy had just raked.


Each year I longingly look forward to the first day of Fall and the memories it brings back. The ones of my family driving through Georgia to get to North Carolina. The ones of pumpkin patches and hot apple cider. The ones of Pappy and Kev eating sweet, hot funnel cakes at the Georgia Mountain Fair. And the ones of our family all together in one of the best places.

SCAN0013                       SCAN0008

I think that’s really why I love Fall the best – it reminds me of the memories that I’ve made with the ones I love.


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