Birthday Celebrations


I feel like these past two weekends have been dedicated to celebrating my birthday… which selfishly I have enjoyed.  My favorite part of the celebrations was hosting a sleepover-themed birthday party.

Growing up, my favorite part of hosting birthday parties was the planning. I loved to make my party invitations with my mom and plan out what we would be doing at the party. And each birthday had a different theme. From tea parties to shopping days and sleepovers, I loved how detailed each one would be. My birthdays always included some sort of craft and lots of delicious food. To start the party, I sent out these invitations reminiscent of a sleepover.



I also wanted to have my favorite foods at the party, including mac-and-cheese, slow cooker meatballs and spinach dip to name a few! I also made oohy-gooey dessert bars which are my absolute favorite (recipe will be posted soon).  Kevin and Katelyn also conspired with my mom to make sure we had all the things for a great party. Unknown to me, they ordered Gigi’s cupcakes, Publix subs, chicken wings and more to make the party a success.

Kate also made these spa-inspired party favors for my guests to take home! She has such a great eye for detail and takes such time to make things beautiful!



We also had a photo booth complete with fun props, and a Spice Girls movie to get the party started!


I have the sweetest, greatest friends, and this year my birthday made me realize how lucky I am to have them!