Spring Break 2016

DSCN0607 (2)

One thing I’m definitely going to miss when I’m back in the real world is having a spring break! It’s the perfect time to relax and unwind with the spring season in full force. This spring break Kev and I headed back home to spend time with family. Something my family loves to do is explore the cities surrounding our hometown, Fort Pierce. We love to explore thrift shops, consignment stores, antique boutiques, and pretty much anything that catches our eyes!

We started our weekend with a picnic at the local farmer’s market complete with bread, cheese and salami – the perfect combo! We also explored the different booths on our way out, and came across these awesome nautical shirts from Jamie Wills. I wore mine for our family adventure!

The second stop on our adventure was heading north to the Estate Sales of Vero Beach located on Old Dixie Highway. I am in love with floral painted tea sets, especially bone china ones. I don’t know what it is about them, but I am obsessed with finding these hidden gems!

Dad and Kev have also been on the hunt to find a vintage 48 star, American flag. On a whim, I pointed out a 13 star American flag to my dad in the shop. The shop keeper overheard us, and said he had another flag that we could take a look at. Turns out it was the one they’ve been looking for. The flag is pretty large at about 7 x 11 feet.

IMG_4902 (1)

The next stop was at The Blue Octopus of Vero Beach, which is the perfect blend of beach and southern style! I wish I would’ve taken more pictures because there were so many amazing finds – it’s definitely on our list to revisit.

We ended the weekend with a drive up to Sebastian to visit The Village Square, an area of restaurants and stores! My mom and I fell in love with The Purple Orchid and their flower pot, which ended up being Gammy’s Easter basket. They also had a blend of mermaid attire, which is always a win in my book. Finally, we had a delicious lunch at A Taste of Asia complete with pad thai, green curry and tempura bananas!

I can’t wait for what the next Spring Break will bring!