Easter Basket Fixins



Ever since I can remember, we have always celebrated Easter with family and friends! Most times we would celebrate with an Easter meal at my grandma’s or aunt’s house. And my Gammy would decorate the house, complete with hidden baskets. Since we weren’t able to make it home this year, my parents came up to celebrate instead!

I wanted to make sure I continued the tradition of Easter baskets this year, so I decided to make some quick and easy ones.  I snagged these pink cartons from Michaels the other weekend when they were on sale. They reminded me of the cartons we’d use at the u-pick strawberry farm.


My family loves all things peanut butter and chocolate – so peanut butter eggs, Reese’s pieces and marshmallow eggs were the ones for us! I usually wait until the day before Easter to make the baskets because all the candy is on sale… This year I couldn’t believe my luck in finding a new Peep flavor – orange fudge! My dad and brother LOVE all things citrus, so that was a win! I also tried to personalize each basket based on their favorites – mom got a Shock Top while dad got a Best Damn root beer.


Naturally, I over-bought the amount of chocolate needed… so it’s currently a centerpiece on our living room table! It should last through the weekend… or not. I hope your Easter is filled with lots of love, happiness and family!