DIY Spring Wreath


I couldn’t welcome in Spring without a new wreath and decorations! As a graduate student, I love finding inexpensive ways to make our apartment feel like a home. Most times Michaels and Jo-Anns give a student discount, but I also use their coupons to score the best deals!

I am currently obsessed with using deco mesh for wreaths – it’s easy to use and versatile. You can shape the mesh into any shape or design that you want – just a couple of twists and turns to get you there. For this wreath, my mom and I used what we had on hand, but added in some new deco mesh. Originally, I was going to create a sunflower, but inspiration struck and we decided to make peonies instead.


Here are the steps for the wreath:

1. Cut some of the green mesh into footlong pieces and bring both ends together to twist in the middle for the leaves


2. Cut the yellow and pink mesh into 6-inch pieces for the bud parts

3. Twist the buds in a circular motion and wrap with the other colored mesh for the petals


4. Create several flowers with alternating colored mesh


5. Tie both leaves and flowers onto the wire wreath

6. Complete the wreath with strips of tied burlap


The best part of this wreath is that it doesn’t have to be perfect – any alteration can be made!