Gainesville Eats: Mac’s Drive Thru


I LOVE to eat – I’m what you would call a self-proclaimed foodie. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a household that celebrated both my Asian and Southern heritage. That being said, my brother and I did not grow up being picky. We pretty much ate anything that was given to us… one day it would be chicken & biscuits and the next fried rice. I guess that’s why I have an appreciation for all types of foods and cultures; you never get bored!

Honestly, I could eat all day if it was socially acceptable … and if I had that kind of endurance. Anyways, my favorite thing about Gainesville is the endless amount of amazing restaurants and delicious foods. While I’ve been here for about 5 years now, there are still new restaurants waiting to be eaten explored. I credit a lot of my food choices to the Ken Eats Gainesville site. Ken is a lifesaver when it comes to trying new places; if there’s a local restaurant in Gainesville, he’s probably already tried it and wrote a review.


It’s Ken’s “Best of List” where my brother and I found the Best Fast-Food Burger: Mac’s Drive Thru.  Even though Mac’s is a drive-thru, it feels like your neighbor’s home. I know, that probably sounds weird, but we were welcomed with a huge smile and a “how are y’all doing.” If we weren’t in the car, I’m pretty sure I would have hugged the lady working the window. When I told her it was our first time to Mac’s she responded with, “Well honey I know it’s not going to be your last.” She then told us we had come at the worst time on the busiest day – 12:30pm on a Friday. The wait wasn’t that bad though, about 15 minutes, which I guess might be a little long for a drive-thru but totally worth it!

Picnic style lunch at the Bo Diddley Plaza in Downtown, Gainesville

We got 2 double cheeseburgers all the way with fries and large sweet teas. As any good southerner knows, making sweet tea is an art form. And the folks at Mac’s are artists – I swear this sweet tea tasted as good as my Gammy’s. And the large was HUGE – I can only imagine how big the jumbo one is. While this is one restaurant we’ve checked off our list, I’m already looking forward to going back!

Post Mac’s  at the Bo Diddley Plaza in Downtown, Gainesville.