What I’m Loving this Week

Vice Principals


Do you love crude, raunchy humor? Then this show is for you! Plot: two high school principals vying for the coveted principal spot. Throw in Walton Goggins, Danny McBride and Bill Murray – you’ll never stop laughing. Absolutely LOVING this new HBO comedy series.

The Girl on the Train 


Reading is one of my favorite pastimes and sweetest escapes! I can just get lost in a story and root for the characters. I also love movie-adaptations of books when they’re done well. The trailer for this upcoming movie is what made me want to read the book. A thriller, suspense book added with some romance. Who wouldn’t be intrigued?

J.Crew August Catalog 


I have been on the hunt for a gorgeous pair of white denim jeans! They’re the perfect staple to add to one’s wardrobe. You can mix and match so many outfits with them. They also make packing a breeze – so many outfit choices with just one pair of bottoms. I couldn’t believe when I came across this pair in the latest J.Crew catalog – I instantly fell in love.

Pineapple Phone Case? Yes, Please!


How adorable are these Summer phone cases? I am absolutely in love with the pineapple and flamingo ones! But the turtle and octopus ones are so cute too! Ugh, I’m having the hardest time deciding between one … or three. Right now they’re on sale for $14.99! That’s a deal I just can’t pass up!

The Bachelorette: Luke 


Who else adored Luke on The Bachelorette? I almost cried when JoJo sent him home this week. The only reason why this made my list is because he’s now on the market! I may just have to sign-up for the show if he’s the next Bachelor… Clearly, I wasn’t the only person upset that Luke went home – this BuzzFeed article says it all!