Gone Planner Happy 

My favorite part about a new school year is the amazing selection of planners to choose from! I absolutely love all types of planners: pre-made, DIY, bullet journaling, etc. the list is endless. I’ve tried an assortment of agendas and planners throughout the years, but this year’s seems to take the cake!

I found this Create 365 Happy Planner about a month ago at Michaels and absolutely fell in love. I’m a sucker for pastels and flowers – so this planner is pretty much the best of both! Michaels is having this great deal right now where you can get all your planner goods for buy one, get one 50% off. I went a little planner happy this weekend and still managed to stay under budget!

The thing I love about this planner is that it combines both pre-made and DIY elements. You can use the planner as is or add embellishments like I did. You can really add anything to make this planner your own. When I have a planner that is cute and enticing, I am more motivated to use it and stay on track. I’m one of those folks who HAS to write everything down otherwise I’ll forget. So a paper planner is the one for me!

Here’s a list of some planners I’ve used throughout the years (and one on my wish list):

1. Lilly Pulitzer Agenda



This design was the first Lilly Planner I owned, and I absolutely loved it! Naturally, the fact that it was also pink made my decision. Every day reminded me of summertime with its bright colors and flowers.

2. Rifle Paper Company


How adorable is this agenda?! When this design came out back in July I immediately fell in love, but thought it might be too small for my busy schedule. I definitely plan to purchase for next year once I’m done with school.

3. May Designs


This is another planner that reminds me of a mix between pre-made and DIY. This is the planner I used last year, and it was wonderful. I loved the customization of choosing a pattern and placing my monogram on it. I was often challenged by the size because I had a lot to write, but overall it’s in the top 5!

4. Target: Day Designer


Of course I had to include Target in my list of planners! I’ve been loving  the Day Designer ones they’ve carried in recent years. The one above is from this year’s collection. I had a similar patterned one last year that I absolutely loved. The design was perfect and the price was right in my budget. Unfortunately halfway through the year it got soaked, so I had to switch over to the May Designs one.