Monday LoweDown 

1. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Celebrating one of the most influential figures in our history was my favorite thing to do today. I spent the day reflecting on what I’ve learned from his journey, and this quote is probably one of my favorite things. It takes courage and faith to do the right thing and make a change.

2. Bachelor Monday

My favorite day of the week is back with Bachelor Mondays. The girls and I get together to drink wine & gossip about the season. Yes, this is reality TV and I’m extremely skeptical about the reality of meeting your soulmate through a show. But there’s just something so vulnerable and courageous about baring your life for millions of viewers.

So interested to see how this season plays out with Nick as the Bachelor. If you need some background info, this is a great article! This week consisted of wine, brownies and face masks!

3. Wine Pick of the Week

I do have to admit that I’m not much of a wine drinker. I’d rather take a cider or hard liquor any day. But Kev brought back this amazing Moscato D’Asti and it literally tastes like grape juice. I’ve never been more happier.

4. Engagement Party + Rockey’s Dueling Piano Bar

This past weekend we celebrated my sweet Paulettey’s engagement to my good friend Christopher. I was so happy to celebrate their upcoming wedding. The celebration was the perfect combo of entertainment and bliss. The party was held at Rockey’s Dueling Piano Bar – the perfect spot for a night out. It’s a combination of a fun atmosphere with great music!

5. Split 


Okay, so this movie looks so intriguing! They’ve been playing the trailer for the new movie non-stop leading up to the opening this weekend. The plot: a man with 24 personalities kidnaps 3 girls + it’s a fight for survival. I do enjoy a good thriller every now and then, so this is on the popcorn list for 2017!