Weekend Rewind: January 20 – 22, 2017


This past weekend I received the best surprise –  a visit from one of my favorite girls! I so value and cherish the friendships I’ve made throughout the years. For me, I feel the most grounded when I know my relationships are being nurtured. And whether they’re maintained through physical gestures, random phone calls, FaceTime, letters or even trips, they mean the absolute world to me.


I first met Lis back in middle school, and we’ve been close friends ever since! Have you ever met someone you just instantly clicked with? Well, that’s my Lis. We had to celebrate her impromptu trip to Gainesville with all of our favorite things. From eating exploring downtown to picking out the perfect bottle of wine, we had the perfect girls’ night!


We also did some crafting while catching up with each other’s lives. That’s why I love having craft supplies on hand –  just for moments like these. A canvas makes the perfect craft because you get to personalize it while still creating a memory together. Now whenever I catch a glimpse of the canvas, it instantly takes me back to laughs from the weekend.

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