A Crafty Birthday Party


This year I celebrated my 24th birthday with a crafty party complete with sweet friends, good food + DIY projects. I love planning parties that allow for great conversation and take-home favors.


I absolutely love entertaining friends – I try to celebrate any occasion that I can. No party is complete without delicious food, rum punch, music and good conversation.


I found the cutest decorations on sale at Jo-Ann’s that went perfectly with my flower arrangement. My Gammy always sends the best birthday flowers – complete with my favorite ones: snapdragons and roses.


Some of the crafts included painting canvases, flower pots with seeds and a homemade body scrub. Many of the canvases and flower pots my friends painted were absolutely stunning!


This year I decided to bake the cupcakes from scratch using this recipe. It was the first time that I have made a cupcake recipe that wasn’t from the box. They were absolutely delicious! The only bump in the road was the homemade icing that went along with it. I have never made homemade icing so it came out a little thin, but still sweet.


Any excuse to party is a good one in my book! This year’s birthday did not disappoint – I felt so loved bringing in year twenty four.