Orange Blossom Style

If you’re up here in North Central Florida, then you’ll know it doesn’t feel quite like we’ve started the Spring season. It’s been downright cold up here. I’ve been trying to look on the bright side of things and what better way to welcome Spring than by styling with some gorgeous orange designs. This post is dedicated to my love of all things orange blossom. From perfumes to clothes to shoes and bags to stationary goods, I’m always on the lookout for the best finds!

Kate Spade recently launched a Spring 2017 collection complete with orange blossom phone cases, bags, earrings, dresses and more! I absolutely fell in love with some of the pieces at the Kate Spade store in Disney Springs. While I love to online shop, there’s just something about getting to touch the designs and see how they’ll wear in person.

When I saw this phone case, I couldn’t resist picking it up! It’s the perfect way to transition from a cold winter into a (hopefully) warmer spring. Its festive design just makes me so happy every time I look at it. How adorable are those crystals within the oranges?!


Kate Spade also paired up with Keds to bring you these gorgeous shoes. I’m usually one to stray away from prints on shoes; however, I’d be willing to give these a try. They would be the perfect way to elevate a simple outfit.


While we were in the Vera Bradley store at Disney Springs, I stumbled upon their perfume collection. Now, I am an absolute sucker for trying on perfumes. If it comes in a cute bottle, has a fun name and smells great – I’m all in. I loved their Citrus Mimosa that was recently released. It has such a fresh, floral scent that isn’t too overpowering.


One of my favorite stationary and lifestyle brands is the Rifle Paper Co. They have such unique designs and products that cater to all types of styles. With different collections and products, you can really find something for everyone. For me, I absolutely love their floral and classic designs. I absolutely fell in love with this Citrus Floral Recipe Box when it first came out. I’ve mentioned it before, but they have such beautiful stationary and agenda designs.

Clearly with a blog named Orange Blossom Belle I had to write about my favorite flower and orange combo! If you know of any brands that are showcasing the style this spring, let me know!