Lowe on Love: Single Edition


I’ll just go ahead and share something that you probably already know about me. I have been single for 6,589 years. Okay, maybe it hasn’t been that long, but I have been dating myself for a very, very long time.

Don’t get me wrong. I love being single – there’s something so refreshing about focusing on yourself. These past few years I haven’t had to account for someone else’s life, and it’s been pretty sweet. Some might call it selfish, but I like to call it soul searching.


I’ve been pretty lucky to know what love and healthy relationships look like (thanks mom + dad). For me, I need to have a strong foundation before I let someone else in. I recently came across an article that described my mindset to a T. It was a step-by-step guide on how being single in your 20s can prepare you for that “forever person.”

It’s all about building self-confidence, getting out there + dating, focusing on your career and being independent. I’m at a point where I’ve gotten a handle on most of these, but not all.


With a little push from my friends, I’ve decided to share just that – what it’s like to be dating in your 20s. From exploring the realm of online dating to being a professional 3rd wheel, I’ll be covering it all.

So am I nervous to start dating and putting myself out there? Of course. Will it be filled with embarrassing first dates? Probably. But will it be worth it? Absolutely.