Weekend Rewind: May 19-21


I don’t think there’s another word to describe this weekend other than perfect. It was a beautiful weekend filled with celebrations of life and love. All I can say is that I am so sad the weekend is over. Here’s a quick recap of all that happened:

Kevin’s Birthday Celebrations 

Little brother turned 22 this weekend, and we decided that he needed a 3-day celebration. Friday was spent in our hometown’s downtown trying out Sailfish Brewing Company and 2nd Street Bistro. Special thanks to his sweet friend brother Mark for gathering the troops! Mark, we had a family vote – you’re in; 3-1… I won’t tell you who was 1! Saturday was spent opening gifts with family and blaring T-Swift’s 22 track.


I always have the hardest time shopping for Kevin, but this year I worked around a theme: summertime. All the gifts were ones he’d need from a floating tube to a water proof phone case.  My favorite find was a floating pingpong table seen below:

50363366_Alt01Sunday was spent reminiscing over our favorite Kevin memories while talking about hopes for this new year. Of course this was all done over dad’s famous biscuits and gravy – recipe to come soon. Kev’s wish for the new year? Some peace and quiet… from his big sister.

Celebrating Platts 


My sweet, sweet friend Jayne married the love of her life this weekend, and I was so blessed to see their beautiful wedding. It was a blissful occasion filled with such joy and love! I adore weddings – there’s something so delightful about seeing everyone together to celebrate the happy couple.

At Jayne’s bridal shower, there was a game played where we used the first letter of our name to describe her. Well, my word would be radiant. Jayne radiates kindness and beauty inside + out!

There were so many exciting happenings at the wedding that, naturally, I got distracted and forgot to continue taking pictures. I got so in the moment of the celebration that it completely left my mind to capture it. But isn’t that the best kind? I’m sad that I didn’t snap some more pictures, but I’m excited to see the official ones.


Picture courtesy of the bride!

I’m already looking forward to what next weekend has in store!

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