Fall Decor – Pumpkins Galore!

I personally believe that one can never have too many pumpkins to celebrate the Fall season! I happen to love them all: big, small, orange, white, round, and lumpy – they’re all perfect. From hitting up local pumpkin patches to grocery stores, I’m always on the lookout.

For decorating the apartment, my go-to trick is to wait for the after-season sale to stock up for the following year. It’s the best way to grab décor at a reasonable price. I usually go a little overboard with decorating, but I managed to control myself this year. Here are a few of my favorite looks:

How adorable is that spider pumpkin holder? I found it at the local Fresh Market and couldn’t resist picking up a few. If you’re in need of a Fall wreath, here’s the tutorial from a few years ago. And yes, it’s held up this long!

When I was younger, it was a family tradition to carve pumpkins together. From what I remember, mom always came up with the best designs. Kev and I would clean out the slimy insides in search of those treasured pumpkin seeds. I swear I can still feel it between my fingers. Often times we’d give up halfway and Dad would be the one to pick up the slack…

Now that I’m older, I’ve traded in carving to painting instead. It’s an easier clean up (win) with endless options (definite win). This year, I went for an ombre-pink with sparkles because why not?! For inspiration, I usually search through Pinterest. I also love how creative my friends were with their pumpkins.

Although Halloween is quickly approaching, I still plan to keep these decorations up all through November. I consider Fall to be anywhere from September to the day after Thanksgiving, so I’ll get to enjoy these for a little while longer. Not that I’m complaining.