Thomasville – I adore you!


If you’re looking for a town to visit this December, then I’ve found the place for you. Kev and I spent yesterday exploring Thomasville, GA and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. You’re probably wondering how we chose such a random place? Well, we have Southern Living to thank for that. They recently wrote an article about the Christmas magic that can be found in this small town. And I just couldn’t resist checking it out!


As much as I love to be a homebody, there’s a thrill that comes with traveling and exploring new places. From the moment we pulled into the downtown area, we were greeted with holiday cheer. I’m talking decorations galore, local shops open for all and chilly weather fit for the season.



We made our way exploring the local stores such as Kevin’s (hehe, Kevin at Kevin’s – get it?), Firefly, Relish, Bookshelf and SouthLife Supply Co. to name a few.


One of my favorite shops was Sturdy Brothers – their tagline Rekindling American Craftmanship drew us in. Growing up in a family where working with your hands and creating goods is your livelihood – there’s just an immediate appreciation for others doing the same.

And of course, I can’t forget to mention the amazing food and drinks we found. Grassroots Coffee was a must on our list as we braved the cold weather (caramel cider for me + spiced chai tea for Kev). When we travel to new places, we always ask locals where they eat. It wasn’t a surprise that everyone we asked recommended Jonah’s. I’m still dreaming of those salmon and shrimp + grits dishes! We also made a quick stop at the Farmer’s Daughter Vineyards tasting room. Couldn’t resist picking up a bottle of hard cider.



Anytime we visit a new town, the visitor center is usually our first stop. It’s the best place to learn the ins and outs – plus, I love collecting the different brochures! We learned the Victorian Christmas festival is next weekend (Dec. 14 -15) so if you’re looking to explore, that would be a great time.

Needless to say, this was a Lowe Sibling Roadtrip I won’t forget. I’m already looking forward to returning in the Spring for their Rose Show + Festival. And maybe this time inviting mom and dad in on the fun! (I know you’re reading this Dad, of course you’re invited).