See ya later, Gator!


I may have shed a tear or two (okay, okay – it was a lot) while writing this post “see ya later” letter. It’s almost surreal to think that I’ve finally left Gainesville after 6 ½ wonderful years. I held on for as long as I could, but it’s time for me to embrace a new adventure.

I’m so incredibly thankful for every experience that has led to where I am today. The good, bad and ugly – each taught me a lesson. When I first arrived in Gainesville, I was the definition of a lost freshman.  I cried when my parents left, I didn’t know what career path to choose + I had no clue who I really was.

Fast forward to today – I cried having to leave Gainesville, I (kinda) have an idea of what I want to do + I finally know who I am. I guess that’s what I’m most grateful for – I found myself in a town that became my home.


This past weekend was the perfect way to celebrate my last few days in Gainesville as a student. From graduation ceremonies to a graduation party, it was wonderful to spend time with those I cherish.


Mom and Dad threw a graduation party packed with sangria, appetizers and a home cooked meal – the perfect dinner!



I loved having friends and family over to celebrate! My school counseling girls helped me decorate my graduation cap and showered me with lots of love.


All I really have left to say is thank you. Thank you to the town that fostered my independence. Thank you to the people I met along the way that shaped my experiences. Thank you to the professors and mentors who believed in me. Thank you to my wonderful parents, grandparents + Gammy who never gave up on me. And thank you to little brother for making these past few years so memorable.

With all that said and done – it’s only right that I end this letter with a Go Gators!