Welcome 2018!


Oh, sweet 2018. I am welcoming you with open arms! This past year has truly been beautiful –  exceeding my expectations. It also threw in some curveballs and roadblocks, but I’m thankful for each experience that taught me a lesson.

I’ve learned to be open and willing try new things. I’ve learned to be vulnerable. I’ve learned how to let go and understand not all things can be fixed. I’ve also learned how valuable time with your family and friends can be.


I guess you could say that 2017 was a year of growth and appreciation. For as excited as I am about the new year, I will say that I am a little nervous too. I’m currently job searching, so I don’t feel fully secure.  It’s a feeling that I know many experience and I am really grateful for the privileges I’ve had leading up to this point.

There’s been a quote these past few weeks that always pops up when I need to see it the most. And it really sums up how I feel about 2018: “The Best is Yet to Come.” I couldn’t agree more – this coming year, I’m ready to continue last year’s resolutions and add some more to the mix.

Why does it take long for a caterpillar to get out of the house?-2
Made this little graphic on Canva. Love it? Feel free to download and use!


Last year, my resolutions were healthy living, budgeting, blogging, relationship building and traveling. This year I’m adding uncomfortability – it’s clearly a word I just made up. But I want to try things that are outside my comfort zone and that really challenge me to grow.

I also wrote about how the word resolution makes it seem that we have to end one thing in order to gain another. For me, that’s not the case – I don’t want to forget about the past. I want to continue growing while still holding onto the lessons I’ve learned. I guess that’s my hope for everyone as well.  That your new year is filled with love, peace, happiness and new experiences! Happy 2018 everyone!