Bridal Shower: MOH Edition


Ever since we were little girls, my best friend and I have planned each others’ future weddings, showers, birthdays and everything in between. When you’ve known someone for 20+ years, you tend to know all the ins and outs of their likes, favorites, etc.

When it came time to plan Katelyn’s bridal shower, it was no surprise that her favorites of pinks, greens and florals had to be included. These just so happen to be my favorites too, so decorating was a breeze!


Mom had a vision of combining florals with antique finds to create the perfect bridal atmosphere. Complete with lots (and lots) of food, sweet sangria | mimosa bar and fun activities.

If you’re looking for ideas, I love having activities that end up as a gift back to the bride. One activity we had was a date night jar where guests could write their favorite dates for the happy couple. Another activity was a scrapbook filled with sweet words for the bride to read the morning of her wedding. Guests could create their own page!

Our dads built an amazing wood feature created from pallets, thrifty finds and shabby chic decor. From the very start of planning, mom had a vision of what she wanted to create – it came out even better than she hoped! A very special thank you for their hard work and willingness to make this the perfect shower for our Katelyn.


The day was filled with sweet friends and family all gathered to celebrate the bride-to-be.  Thank you, thank you to all who helped make it such a beautiful day. She is so loved!


As children, Kate + I spent many days sitting around this mantle and planning our futures. It’s bittersweet that we came full circle in front of the same place where it all began. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Now that we’re 76 days out til the wedding, it’s finally hitting me that my forever friend is gaining a husband. I can’t wait to be the third wheel for life. Cheers to many years together with your best girls by your side!