Reminiscing on Wedding Bliss

Courtesy of the talented Tori Mercedes 

You know that feeling you get when you’re with friends and you start to remember the last time you were all together. It’s a strange feeling of happiness mixed with nostalgia – especially if you’re realizing how much time has passed since you last saw them.

That happened last night with my (newly) married Kate and her husband Joey. JoJo. JR. JCrews – I’m still working out a nickname for my new brother-in-law. Not a “real” brother-in-law, but when you’ve been together for 25 years, you go from being best friends to sisters.


Anyhoo, I realized that the last time we were all together was for their wedding this past May. That led to me looking through all their photos again and realizing I never got the chance to write about how perfect their wedding was.


A literal dream – filled with pastels, Georgia mountains and lots of love.





From the venue (Kellum Valley Farm) to the decor, everything was the perfect blend of southern charm + vintage chic. The vision was all Kate’s – every last detail created by her hand.




Of course, the day couldn’t have been captured without the talented Tori Mercedes Photography. All of these photos were taken by her – absolutely breathtaking. And these are just some of my faves. I wish I could post all of them!



There were so many beautiful shots of the tiny details that go into making a day so special. Tori has the perfect eye for creating shots that capture true beauty.




If you’re looking for a wedding photographer that goes the extra mile, keeps the bride happy + fits seamlessly into the wedding, Tori’s your girl!




The reception featured a love song written and sung by the beautiful bride. It was such a sweet surprise for Joey during their first dance.


All throughout the reception there were happy tears, lots of smiles and plenty of laughs.





Okay. Now I’m done reliving this perfect wedding…. Until a few weeks from now when I need a reminder of how beautiful life and summer weddings can be! A special thanks to my beautiful Katelyn for letting me gush all about her perfect day.