Welcome Back: School Counseling Edition


And just like that August has flown by and with it the first month of school. Since I’m getting back into the groove, I wanted to share what I’ve been up to!


This will be the start to my first full year as an elementary school counselor. I was really fortunate to start towards the end of last year, and get the handle on incorporating what I learned in the classroom to my own school.

All throughout graduate school, I worked with college students (hi Care Team) to elementary and high school students. So it was quite a range of different experiences, but once I started back at my old elementary school, it felt like home (cue cheesy smiles).

My first day on the job!

One goal I had this school year was to make my office inviting for both teachers, students and families. When I first started, mom and I spent one Saturday transforming the room into a “Counseling Life” garden.

From there, I’ve just continued to add on until I got the room just right. Oh, and mom got me a pet beta fish. Her name is Pearl.



Here’s some shots of my office – complete with a calm corner, stress bubbles and lots of color!



I’m truly excited for this new school year and all the adventures I’m sure are headed my way. For now, I’ll keep living my dream.