Twenty Six


It seems like whenever I talk with someone about age, we can never believe how much time has passed. Moments that you want to soak in and enjoy seem to pass by all the faster. And then when something you dread happens – the clock just barely ticks. I guess time’s funny like that.


Celebrating my 26th birthday was one of those moments that just flew by. Growing up my parents loved to celebrate our birthdays. From themed parties to surprises and trips, Kev and I have some of the best memories. Now that I moved back, they couldn’t resist planning a get-together.



First, mom planned with her 2nd grade group to throw a little surprise snacky-luncheon. Just the sweetest cake – all flowers and pinks. My absolute favorite! Then today the front office crew celebrated with the sweetest fruity cake.

This past weekend we spent the best time with my friends and family at our local brewery. What started out as a few of us at Sailfish Brewery turned into a night packed with homemade food, laughs and lots of Jenga.

If you know my mom, then you know she loves to cook. She just couldn’t resist making all my favorite foods.  Kev was able to make the trip home and my birthday even sweeter!

My sweet friend Britt made this amazing orangey chocolate cake – it was delicious! She has such a talent for designing cakes.



I’m still grinning ear-to-ear thinking about all the birthday celebrations we had this weekend and today. Feeling very loved and happy to be back home celebrating my 26th!