Kindness Grows


Woohoo!! I can barely contain my excitement to finally present… the Kindness Garden!

When I first started in my role as a school counselor, I just wanted to soak everything in. I spent the first few months brainstorming what I wanted our school counseling program to look like. From individual to small group counseling and guidance lessons, I knew I wanted to find another way to engage with our students. So I decided to sponsor a Kindness Club that would allow students to come together and spread some kindness.


One of the goals our Kindness Club has been working on all year is promoting a culture of care at our school. We’ve had different activities like celebrating World Kindness Day and random acts of kindness, but my absolute favorite has been the garden.

One Saturday we were finally able to build the garden alongside the club members. The students and parents were hardworking and dedicated to getting the garden built in 2 hours!


Our garden wouldn’t have been made possible without our sponsors. A special thank you to:

  1. Nelson’s Family Farms – I cannot say thank you enough for their generous donations of materials, plants, time and support!
  2. St. Lucie County Farm Bureau – for the amazing Ag in the Classroom grant that allowed us to purchase supplies
  3. Home Depot – for their donation towards building our raised garden beds
  4. Brittany Eatman – my sweet, sweet friend for donating her time + amazing skills at painting our mural


And last, but not least, my wonderful parents. Without dad’s skills and mom’s vision, the garden wouldn’t have been made possible! Of course, I didn’t get any photos of us working together on the garden, but that’s usually how it goes.

So here’s a photo the fam post-garden at a Met’s Game

There’s been many times in my life where I’ve dragged my parents into helping with my projects. Without fail, they always say yes + make it 100x better than what I envisioned.

Cannot wait to see how this garden grows alongside our students!