DIY: Laptop Inspo


Summer is usually the time where I can finally get around to looking at my Pinterest/Instagram inspo for fun DIY projects.

I came across an Instagram page, @NaturallyElementary and loved her idea to decorate a laptop case with fun stickers. I know what you’re probably thinking – Rachel, this is not an original idea. But I just loved how every inch of her case was covered with eclectic, fun ones rather than just with a few big, brand labels.

I’m super obsessed when it comes to stickers – I just love them all. And I was on the hunt this summer to find ones that matched my own style. I loved, loved, loved these Amy Tangerine gold-foil ones. And I couldn’t resist these dear Lizzy ones too!

When it came time to arranging the stickers, I really fought against the urge to make everything perfect and in a line. I wanted it to flow and have the stickers mend together. I recommend starting in a corner or the middle and working out. I started in the upper left corner and just worked my way around.

The key was finding ones that really spoke to my style and told a story of who I am. From a bowl of ramen to glasses to ice cream to tea and photographs… it tells a little story.

See if you can spot something new you learned about me!