High Springs Livin’



I’ve blogged about High Springs before when my family and I visited the town for my birthday celebration in January. Since then we’ve come back a few times, and each time we always find something new!

My favorite part of the town are the amazing antique stores, fun shops and restaurants! But I really adore just walking around with my family and finding inspiration in new places. Like in the picture below where the store hung up old doors as shelves – I’m in love with that idea! I told dad he’d have to figure out how to make those for our house.


One thing we always do when in a new place is ask the locals where they go. That’s the best way to get the inside scoop on the town’s treasured spots. Naturally, I was on the hunt to find the best bakery, and luckily we found a hidden treasure in the Secret Garden Bakery & Wisteria Cottage.


It’s part bakery and part store – the BEST combination ever! The sweet aroma from the bakery followed us around the store. So of course, we couldn’t leave without some sweet treats. Kev got this amazing blueberry cheesecake bar while I got a coconut key lime bar. It was delicious – I wanted to go back and ask for the recipe … or a lifetime supply. Kev ate his in about 3 bites, so I’m guessing he enjoyed it.

They also have a quaint visitor’s center where the host will tell you about different events and activities happening in town. I’m a sucker for brochures, so the visitor’s centers are always my first stop.


That’s where we learned about Poe Springs. It was such a beautiful day to head to the springs and walk the trails. Since it was an impromptu trip, we didn’t have suits but the water looked gorgeous. We’re already planning to go back for summer trips!


January Beginnings


I have a confession: I’ve been a bit behind on blogging this month. Between the start of a new year and just life in general, I’ve been slow to share what I’ve been up to. However, with the end of January near, I wanted to make sure I shared why I absolutely love this month.

January has always held a special place in my heart because, for me, I see it as a time for new beginnings. As always, there’s reflection of the previous year and the creation of new year’s resolutions. Last year, I made a vow to take more pictures to capture our family’s memories. I made a Lowe Family Yearbook to encompass the past year’s memories, so I’ve been successful in that resolution. This year, my resolution is to feel fulfilled every day. Whether it’s something as simple as reading or having an hour-long conversation with a friend, I plan to dedicate each day to something I love.

January is also a birthday month for my mom and I. We always celebrate our birthdays together by either exploring new towns, shopping and of course, eating! This year, dad planned mom’s birthday party at a local bar in Vero Beach – The Kilted Mermaid. It was a night filled with close friends, a hard apple ale and a great band.


This past weekend my parents came up to celebrate my birthday in Gainesville. We spent Saturday traveling to Newberry for their delicious garlic-butter, blue crabs and scrumptious cupcakes from Sugar Refined. These cupcakes are literally the best I’ve ever had, and that’s saying something because I love cupcakes. I highly recommend the key lime pie ones.


Later we went to High Springs for their antiques and the Great Outdoors Restaurant for a birthday dinner. We weren’t able to explore the town as much as we’d like, so we definitely plan to return for another weekend. However, from the places we did explore, I can vouch that High Springs has some hidden gems. I loved the atmosphere at the Great Outdoors Restaurant – a fusion of old and new. The food was delicious and the band was amazing – I can’t wait to return.

January also brought a bridal shower for my sweet friend Janeen. With her wedding quickly approaching in March, we were so excited to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. I could spend an entire blog post talking about the shower! It was beautiful and filled with love – the perfect celebration for Janeen!


I think that just about wraps up the month of January! If January is any indication of what this upcoming year has in store, then I know 2016 will be filled with lots of love and adventures. It is sure to be a year to remember!